About Us

Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry Traders are being helped.  As the constitution of the association was not required to be registered at that time, the association was moving ahead as per the wishes of the members. The constitution of Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry was prepared in 2052 BS.  As per the policy information of city level chambers of commerce and industry, the work done earlier has been implemented in accordance with the constitution of Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dhankuta, District Administration Office, Dhankuta Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dhankuta. 
Goal of the organization: To strengthen the national economy by promoting the industry, commerce, agriculture and tourism sectors of the district.


Recent Project Information

Goat Free funding, Cow Free funding Training about different skill oriented


Mission, Vision

To protect the rights and interests of the industrialists of the district. To develop and promote industry and commerce sector. 


Brief description of the organization's programs:

Capacity Development Training Program, Ship Oriented Training Program  Existing Problems of Entrepreneurs, Problem Solving Seminars, Commodity Association Formation Prohibited Plastic Cola Program for Friendly Environmental Tax Donor Education Program
Tourism Promotion Idea Program "  Eastern Regional Industrial Trade Fair and Agriculture Exhibition and Dhankuta Festival 2071, 2068, 2074, 2074 Trade Promotion Program with the slogan "Running away is the basis of economic development of Agriculture, Tourism, Health, Education, Self-Employment, Industry and Trade. 
Market Analysis Training Program
Timur's Interactive Program

Other Activities or Information that the CCI wants to highlight

  • Membership Growth Program
  • Door Mokam Program
  • Revenue Tax Education Awareness Program
  • Krishi Udyam Seva Kendra Sanchalan
  • Udyam Vikas Talim
  • Ware House 

Service Providing Areas

Dhankuta Municipality Ward No. 1 and 7

Major possibilities of Production

Avocardo, Tea, Ginger, Cardamom, Milk, Cabbage, Potato, Orange, Goat etc.